The purpose of a well inspection is to determine the condition, construction, protection and components of the well system. This will include accessing the operating characteristics and condition of the well pump, pressure tank, water treatment equipment and related components.

The well inspection report is based on using non-invasive techniques. For this reason, information will vary from site to site.

For a sample of a Well Inspection Report, please see below.

Well Inspection Report

Well Information:

Well depth is 50ft. Pump setting is 46ft. Well has a sanitary well cap and casing is above grade approximately 12inches. Well system was changed over from a deep well jet pump to a subversive system, at which time, casing was raised. New 1inch poly water line was inserted in the old 1 ¼ in. jet pump line. Above information based on visual inspection and records on site.

Pump Information:

Well pump is a Grumdfos model 10S05-9, ½ horsepower, 3 wire, 1 15 volt motor with a 10 gallon a minute pump end. Pump is running normal amps with no grounding.

Pressure Tank:

Tank is Well Rite WR60 date code 10/2/13. Tank precharge 35 lbs. and is in good working order.

Pressure Switch and Gauge:

Switch is set at 40-60 lbs and both switch and gauge are in good working order.

Water Treatment:

An acid neutralizer is online. pH test with field kit shows a 5.5 before equipment and 8.0 after. System includes a 10X30 inch fiberglass tank with a Autotrol 263 control valve and is in good working order. Drain line runs to a 1 ½ P Trap with an air gap fitting.

Existing Warranties:

Pressure tank is in warranty until 10/2/18. Water Treatment control valve is in warrantee until 11/20/20. Mineral tank is in warrantee until 11/20/30. (equipment warrantees only)

Notes- Field tests are not certified results


All components and construction of water supply and treatment system are in good operation condition.

Information on Report is based on physical examination of said supply and water treatment system(s) at time of inspection. No warrantee or guarantee of above mentioned equipment


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